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Reġjun Tramuntana emcompasses 9 local government councils. Information about and interaction with each council, is to be found throughout these pages.

The objectve of this site and the supporting mobile application is to give local residents and visitors the most updated information to date.

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San Pawl il-Baħar


Ħal Balzan


San Ġwann

About Reġjun Tramuntana

Reġjun Tramuntana.

The town and villages making up Reġjun Tramuntana form a mosaic, a blend of old and new, with some having very old roots and history, while others came into being as a locality less than 30 years ago.

Some have large geographical boundaries and include several hamlets with varying population sizes. Others are smaller, but smaller does not mean less colourful or historic. All the localities have a number of common factors, yet they are all diverse and have a great significance for the region.

Indeed, each locality adds a touch of colour to the north. As the great French geographer Fernand Braudel used to say about the Mediterranean, there is unity in diversity. And there is unity in diversity in Malta’s Reġjun Tramuntana as well.


Reġjun Tramuntana comprises of the 9 localities found in the Northern part of Malta.





San Pawl il-Baħar


Ħal Balzan


San Ġwann



Together, they make up our region, which is rich in diversity, home to a Maltese as well as many other nationalities.  One can say that the Region has probably the largest number of third country nationalities living in our area, especially within San Pawl il-Baħar.  In Vincent Galea’s 2011 dissertation, some 72 different nationalities were recorded within the area.  A decade later, this is much higher making the locality a truly multi-ethnic cosmopolitan area.  The Region has around 120,000 residents which is 24.2% of the Island’s population, and forms around 33% of Malta’s total area. 

The rural element is common to all its localities.  The area is in fact abundant in farmland, with agriculture being an important industry of the region.  There are as well, numerous industrial parks primarily in Burmarrad.

Il-Mosta, and In-Naxxar, San Pawl il-Baħar and Mellieħa on the other hand are strongholds for the tourism industry with Mellieħa and San Pawl il-Baħar having a significant number of hotel beds, whilst Ħal Balzan, Ħ’Attard, San Ġwann and il-Mosta all being strong points on Malta’s tourism map. 

From scenic cliffs to rocky and sandy beaches,  some of the Region’s localities, namely in-Naxxar, San Pawl il-Baħar, Il-Mellieħa and L-Imġarr  are surrounded by the sea.  Some of the best sandy beaches are found in il-Mellieħa and L-Imġarr.  Il-Mellieħa is also home to the most popular dive site cluster in Ċirkewwa. 


Fishing has been an important part of the local economy for these coastal towns, and this is evident even from the names – such as the Tunnara area in Mellieħa, from where a special method was used to catch Tuna. Nowadays, some of the major industry players in the fishing industry are found in our region.  Tuna, Sea Bream and other fish are farmed in a number of areas then sold locally and abroad. 


Our region is home to a wide range of associations, sporting communities and NGO’s.  There are a number of band clubs hailing from the 9 localities, which also have fireworks factories and or associations. Not all associations have their own factory but work within other facilities.

One finds a number of football facilities in our area, including the National Football ground as well as the National Basketball pitch.  In addition, we have an airfield for model flyers and Malta’s only track for auto and moto cross, besides an a 4×4 off-road site.  There are as well 3 shooting ranges, two street sport venues and a plethora of other sporting clubs.  One finds a number of Scout and Guide groups as well.


We decided to give more space to these organisations and hereby provide a platform to all our associations within our Region to promote themselves and their service.  The value such associations contribute to the local community is one to be admired and commended.

The President of Reġjun Tramuntana

Clifford Galea Vella Maslennikov (aka Clifford Galea) became the President of Reġjun Tramuntana after winning the regional election of October 9, 2021. He was born on November 30, 1985 and is from Naxxar. A teacher by profession in the history of Malta and Europe where he taught both in secondary schools and as a lecturer in ITS (Institute for Tourism Studies) for some years.

He is a graduate in History of Malta from the University of Malta, holds a PGCE certificate in History Teaching and a Masters in Baroque Studies. He studied political thought and religious diversity at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome. Clifford is also a PHD candidate within the Institute of Tourism, Travel and Culture at the University of Malta. He also obtained a Diploma from the London College of Music and Media at Thames Valley University in London in piano studies.

He contributed to the field of Maltese entertainment where he studied voice and also took part in the Malta Song For Europe among other events and also participated in international song festivals including in Bucharest in Romania and in Istanbul in -Turkey.

Writing is part of Clifford where he was and still is, an article writer for many local newspapers, online portals and even published a book about the experience of his life Nifs li kważi kissirni. In this regard, he is an activist to combat addiction, giving regular talks and even produced a television program about it on TVM. He has presented and produced many other programs on radio and television, especially those related to the culture and heritage of our country.

He was a Minority Leader of the Naxxar Local Council between 2009 and 2019 and also a candidate for the General Election in 2013. He is Vice President of the Peace Naxxar Musical Society and Vice President of Naxxar Lions FC as well as a member of the Order of St. John.

He is the Chair of the LGBTIQ + Advisory Council and a journalist.

Social aspect in humanity is very close to his heart. Clifford pariticipated in two missions; one in Kenya and the other in Peru and assisted in various philanthropic organisations for the benefit of the community.

Last December, Clifford was honoured with ‘Ġieħ in-Naxxar’  (Naxxar Tribute) by the Naxxar Local Council for his ongoing work for the betterment of society and in his hometown. Clifford also received the Silver Award given to him by Prince Edward in 2011 when he came to our country for his journey in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program.


“With honesty, a lot of good can be achieved. Even with a genuine smile and heartfelt joy. ”- Clifford

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Find out what is going on in the region, to improve and maintain a better environment.


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