• Ta’ Skorba Temples, Triq l-Imqades
  • Ta’ Hagrat Temples – Triq San Pietru
  • Roman Baths – Gnien Ghajn Tuffieha
  • Ghajn Tuffieha Coastal Tower
  • Lippija Coastal Tower
  • Jewish Tombs – Bingemma
  • Victoria Lines
  • World War II Shelter – Wesghat il-Gublew
  • Silos – Palma
  • Mgarr Primary School / Kullegg San Nikola
  • Il-Bajja tal-Gnejna
  • Il-Bajja t’Ghajn Tuffieha (Riviera)
  • Fomm ir-Rih

Although Imġarr is a small village, it is filled with picturesque locations where one can identify characteristics from every period. This western village is probably one of the oldest villages in the Maltese Islands.

Since the coming of the Sicilians, this village has lived the most beautiful and traumatic episodes that Malta had to go through. Every ruler has left a footprint in Imġarr.Namely we find: megalithic temples, punic tombs, ancient quarries, Roman remains including the Baths situated in Ġnien Għajn Tuffieħa andtwo towers left by the Knights of St John.

This village is considered as one of the most beautiful villages of Malta. Surrounded by fertile land and three harbours known as Fomm ir-Riħ, Ġnejna and Għajn Tuffieħa (Riviera).

Customer Care For any type of queries and suggestions one can inform the council where action is taken by the council or passed on to the concerned entuties. At the council one can find gorms of various entities and offers photocopy and printing on small amounts.

Permits The Local Council issues permits for: skips,activities, bbqs, machinery, use of tablesand chairs,and kiosks. Those in need of a permit should come three days prior the date of permit and should bring theiridentity card.

Payments We accept paymentsforthe following: landrent, tradelicenses, and contraventions. Those wishing to appeal any contravention may do so by doing itonline send a letter to the Petitions Board, PO Box 41, Valletta or go to their tribunal appointment at addresses below:

  • Reġjun Tramuntana, 112, Triq Ġulju, San Pawl il-Baħar
  • Reġjun Ċentru, Kunsill Lokali tal-Imsida, Pjazza Menqa, l-Imsida
  • Reġjun Nofsinhar, 395, Triq ir-Rebħa, Ħal Qormi
  • Reġjun Xlokk, 73, Triq Santa Marija, Ħal Tarxien
  • Reġjun Għawdex, Banca Guratele, Vjal l-Indipendenza, Victoria, Għawdex


Heritage ticketsAs from September 2010, the Imġarr Local Council began to issue tickets for Ta’ Ħaġrat and Ta’ Skorba. These sites open daily 9:00am till 16:30pm (last admission at 16:00pm). The prices are: adults €6.00, seniors €5.00, students €5.00,children from 11-16 years €4.50.Seniors and students should present an identification card.

Leader–                        Ms. Antonia Abela                                 Helper–Ms. Katie Sant

Helper–                       Ms. Tessie Vella                                    Tel –21575630

This group organizes an hour of adoration every first Thursday of the month in Mgarr Parish Church between 10: 30am and 11: 30am, and half an hour in the evening adoration after mass.  Organizing the feast of Divine Mercy on the second Sunday Easter and on St. Faustina Feast in October 5 – nine days before any feast begin the novena in the Church after Mass time.

The objectives of this apostolate are:

  • Communicating and live the message of the Divine Mercy as revealed to St. Faustina Kawalska
  • Pray for God’s Mercy over the world and offer prayers to the priests, for vocations, for the conversion of humanity and for the souls of purgatory.
  • Moving on the same example of Saint Faustina Kowalska in her love to God and neighbor in the simplicity of life and the full confidence she had in God.

President –                   Ms. Jane Deguara                                  Deputy–                        Ms. Maria Camilleri

Secretary –                   Ms. Anna Ebejer                                    Tel – 21581901

Email  –                                                                                                                      

Informazzjoni dwar l-għaqda –

The Nisa Azzjoni Kattolika ismadeupofa groupofwomenwhomeeteveryWednesdayfrom9.00amto10.00amintheOratory Qalb Bla Tebgha ta’ Marija,TriqSanPawl.Togetherwediscusscurrenttopicswith theguidanceofthe CatholicActionbrochureIl-Ħuġġieġaissued by theCentralCounciloftheCatholicAction. Ateachmeetingwehavea readingfromtheBiblewhichindicatesthe subjectfordiscussion.

Duringtheyearweorganizevariousactivities,bothspiritualandsocial,including amass. In September this group organises thepilgrimagetothesanctuaryofOurLadyofPinuinGozo.

The groupperformsa lotofotherworkonavoluntarybasisintheparishsuchasdoctrineteaching,churchcleaning,visitstosickhomes,etc.

President –                   Ms. Doris                                  Vella     Deputy  –        Ms Maria Muscat

Secretary –                   Ms Giovanna    Bugeja              Tel –21573251 


We organize meetings and outings for the elderly. We visit the sick and people with special needs in their homes as well as in homes of the elderly and patients at Mount Carmel Hospital. We help families with social problems and organize European food distribution.

President –                   Mr. Victor Camilleri                              

Secretary–                    Mr. Tony Schembri                                Tel – 99451531

Website –           

Email –               


The association was formed in 1992. To date it has about 170 members.  Membership is open to anyone over 18 years who has a boat registered with fisheries or has a boathouse in Ġnejna Bay.

President –                   Mr. Gerald Muscat                                Deputy – Mr. Emanuel Borg

Secretary –                   Mr. Clayton Gauci                                 Tel – 27443853

Email –

Leader–                                    Mr. Anthony Sammut                              Deputy – Mr. Carmelo Sammut 

Secretary-                    Mr. Albert Borg                                    Tel – 21582410

Website –           

E-mail Address-                   


The Mġarr Farmers ‘ Cooperative was founded in 1947 with around 180 members from the area.  The cooperative is situated in Triq Sir Temi Zammit. The premises consist of a shop from where farmers can purchase various items, a meeting room and a bar. The management committee is appointed from among the members themselves at the annual general meeting held once a year. The Committee discusses the ongoing problems for farmers and liaises with the entities concerned.

President–                   Dr. Antoine Chircop                               Deputy – Mr. Bruno Cassar

Secretary –                   Ms. Suzanne Cutajar                              Tel –99498455


Email –             

President –                   Mr. Silvio Camilleri                                Deputy- Mr.  Charles Muscat

Secretary-                     Mr. Kurt Abela                         

Website –           

Email –               


The club was created to encourage public to participate in this sport. Our philosophy is to make sure that each participant feels part of the club.

President –                   Sensei James Galea 5th Dan                   Deputy–Sensei Joe Grima 3rd Dan

Secretary –                   Sensei Kenneth Abela 3rd Dan               Tel –21585634 / 21580711

Website –                                     email –

Addess –                      Hikari, Triq Fisher, L-Imġarr Malta


Mgarr Shotokan Karate Club is a branch of the Malta Karate Federation. Established in 1999 to give children, youth, adults and locals the opportunity to train in karate for a stronger and more fulfilling life. This organisation also promotes training in other martial arts including kickboxing and Ju Jitsu held by Sensei James Galea 5th Dan and James Grima This 33RD.  Mgarr Shotokan Karate Club (MKF) is affiliated with the World Karate Federation, Maltese Maltese Council for Sport and Olympic Committee.

President –                    Mr. Giovanni Gatt                      Vice-President — Mr. Colin Falzon
Secretary —                  Mr. Joseph Caruana                   Tel – 79674678
website –            
E-mail address –  



The Socjetà Filarmonika Marija Mtellgħa s-Sema was founded on 13 October 2011.  This NGO is a voluntary and autonomous, and a cultural and social union.


The aim and functions are:

  • First and foremost, the band.
  • Disseminating culture through music
  • Recreation for the members
  • Musical services
  • Participation in any social and religious feast carried out in the Mġarr, primarily on the titular feast
  • Where feasible, grant philanthropic aid

Music lessons are made on an individual basis and free of charge.  Mro Tancred Grech F.L.C. M, B.A. (Hons) music, L.L.C. M, P.G.C. takes care of the brass and percussion section while Mro. Charlie Pace takes care of the string instrument section.  Assistant Mro Christopher Tanti B.A. (Hons) Music is responsible for the teaching the music theory. Mro. Andrea Cassar F.L.C. M, L.L.C. M conducts Music Buzz.  These are sessions of primary music designed so to target children of 3 years of age to begin to admire the art of music.


Lessons are being made on Monday from 4pm onwards within the Local Council.



Contravention Payments (LES) 

These can be paid at the Council between 8:00am and 12:00pm, by cash or cheque.  If you wish to pay by cheque this needs to be made payable to LESA.

Contravention payments can also be made online by visiting this site

Housing Rent Payments

These can be paid at the Council between 8:00am and 12:00pm, by cash or cheque which needs to be made payable to the Lands Commissioner.


San Pawl il-Baħar


For road works, machinery related to construction works, lifters & cherrypickers to render services or supplies. Permits for all public activities require a no objection document, issued by the Council. 


Front offices process payments due to MTA, Housing Authority, Lands Authority and Lesa contraventions. (for the time being these have been suspended).


Malta Tourism Authority

Housing Authority 

Lands Authority



Organises music lessons in collaboration with Socjeta Mużikali San Pawl. The lessons are done online.


The Lifelong Learning Programme whereby various subjects are taught. This programme is organized in collaboration with Education Deparment (for the time being these have been suspended)


Computer Courses (for the time being these have been suspended) 

Council Culture Activities

Wignacourt Tower Festival & Summer Carnival (for the time being these have been suspended) 

Local Feasts

San Pawl, Qawra, Burmarrad & Wardija 

Utilities, Road Works and Public Transport


Transport Malta


Water Services Corporation 

Heritage, Culture and Tourism


Heritage Malta

Malta Tourism Authority 


Ħal Balzan


San Ġwann

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